Main Courses, Hot & Cold

Prices range from £12.00 - £17.00 per head including fresh seasonal vegetables or salads.


Boeuf Stroganoff (hot or cold)
Beef Wellington
Boeuf Bourguignon
Steak & Kidney Pie
Fillet steaks with goats cheese & pine nuts
Beef in red wine & olives (hot or cold)
Tagliatelle Bolognese
Beef Curry
Mongolian hot pot
Peppered fillet steak with Stilton & chive butter
Casserole of beef with mushrooms and black olives

Chicken & Poultry

Chicken breasts stuffed with herbs & cucumber
Chicken braised in white wine
Golden chicken breasts with raita sauce
Chicken & mussel paella
Coq au vin
Chicken breasts with Palma Ham
Chicken tarragon with orange sauce
Coronation Chicken (cold)
Chicken Julienne (cold)
Devilled duckling Salad
Smoked Chicken & avocado salad (cold)
Chicken & mushroom pie


Lamb, spices & apricots (hot or cold)
Roast rack of lamb with a herb crust
Lamb with cucumber and mint stuffing (cold)
Noisettes of lamb with Cumberland sauce
Sherried Kidneys
Winter navarin of lamb
Casseroled lamb with tomato & pesto
Lamb korma
Traditional shepherd’s pie
Blanquette d’agneau
Lamb cutlets braised in red wine & red currant jelly
Lamb chops baked with potatoes, leeks and cream
Irish stew


Collops of pork fillet with cream, brandy & apple sauce
Pork fillets with ginger & cream
Pork fillets in mushroom & soured cream sauce
Hot ham mousse
Pigs in blankets
Baked glazed ham with tomato & Madeira sauce
Roast loin of pork with prune & red wine sauce
Tenderloin stuffed with wild mushroom and wrapped in crispy bacon (hot or cold)
Pork chops braised in Hereford cider
Tenderloin stuffed with spinach served with redcurrant sauce
Roasted cold ham served with Cumberland sauce (cold)


Salmon mousse (cold)
Salmon in Champagne sauce
Rolled fillet of sole with prawns & mushrooms
Baked lemon & shrimp stuffed plaice
Mixed fish & shellfish in dill sauce
Crab Florentine with sesame toast
Cod & smoked haddock puffed pie
Monkfish in saffron cream sauce
Fillet of Sea Bass with almonds
Whole poached Salmon with cucumber or hollandaise sauce (hot or cold)
Salmon steaks with mustard & tarragon
Smoked haddock gougere


Wild duck with apricot & lemon sauce (hot or cold)
Pheasant breasts with creamy bacon sauce
Pheasant with fresh ginger
Venison fillet with port & red currant
Venison with soured cream & pistachios (hot or cold)
Osso Buco
Pheasant casseroled with bacon, shallots & mushrooms in red wine


Fettuccine with rocket, pesto & fresh tomato salsa
Four Cheese Terrine (cold)
Mushroom stroganoff
Mushroom & spinach risotto
Zucchini & lemon pasta
Malaysian vegetable curry
Grilled stuffed mushrooms
Tunisian spicy nut pilaf
Couscous stuffed capsicums (hot or cold)
Spinach & ricotta pie (hot or cold)
Vegetable kebabs with balsamic vinegar









beeton for time, pork with wild mushroom and bacon



























Beeton for time, prawn salad

















beeton for time, Greek salad