Puddings  - from £4.50 per head

Profiteroles with dark chocolate sauce
Cooked cheesecake topped with flaked almonds
Passion fruit mousse with mango coulee
Fresh fruit pavlova
Sherry trifle
Rich chocolate torte served with raspberry coulee
Lemon souffle
French apple tart
Fresh fruit salad
Crème brulee
Fresh fruit tartlets
Brandy snaps
Pineapple cheesecake
Summer pudding with double cream
Strawberry and orange mousse
Iced strawberry meringues
Orange and cherry flan
Peach and hazelnut gateau
Frosted mint cheesecake
Treacle tart
Banoffi pie
Pears in red wine
Fresh fruit & honey jelly terrine
Rum Babas with fresh fruit
Crepes suzette a la Cointreau
Melon fantasy
Cream filled crepes poached in a citrus sauce
Lemon mousse with lemon balm syrup
Raspberry charlotte
Champagne & almond gateau
Elderflower mousse
Passion fruit dessert
Ginger Bavarian cream
Chocolate mousse
Double chocolate mousse with kumquats
Crème brulee au chocolat

                                                    Or Cheeseboard and grapes


beeton for time, exotic fruit torte