Waldorf salad
Mixed tossed salad

Caesar salad with spinach, crispy bacon and croutons
Cold potato salad with chives and sour cream

Coleslaw with apple and cashew nuts
Tomato and basil salad

Orange, watercress and walnut salad
Rice and apricot salad

Multi-coloured pasta twirls with peppers, olives and feta cheese
Celery, apple and walnut salad

Curried mayonnaise, mushroom and almonds
Grated carrot with orange pieces, spring onions and poppy seeds

Little gems with cream cheese dressing
Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and olives

Spicy potato salad with carrots and celery
Tomato, mozzarella, avocado and dill

Marinated mushroom salad
Beetroot and Cheddar cheese with orange dressing

Russian salad in light mayonnaise
Potato salad with grainy mustard and cucumber

Salad Nicoise with tuna, French beans, tomatoes, olives, egg and cucumber
Mixed bean salad


beeton for time, Greek salad